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[hardware-donation] UltraSparc2, Germany

Is anyone in Germany interested in an Ultra2?

> I just got a new computer and will now discard my old Sun UltraSparc 2.
> If you got any use for it, I'd offer it to you.
> 2x 300 MHz UltraSparc CPU
> 1024 MB RAM (4x256M)
> 2x 18GB SCSI HDD
> Creator framebuffer on UPA
> Another framebuffer on SBUS
> 2x Sun Happy Meal 10MBit ethernet controler (onboard and SBUS)
> one SUN->VGA adaptor
> one mouse and two keyboards and with german and US layout
> One problem with it is that the eeprom battery is empty. So you will
> have to reconfigure the MAC address every time you boot the machine.
> Since I live in germany shipping may be difficult.

Martin Michlmayr

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