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Re: Please test new SILO

Am Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2006 06:33 schrieb Jurij Smakov:
> On Sun, 4 Jun 2006, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> > And you should use sizeof(buffer) as the last argument for
> > prom_getproperty(). Not that if that function return -1, e.g. because the
> > buffer is too small, it will always hit the sun4c case instead of the
> > default case.
> > It should also be checked, that the strlen(buffer) is  >=5  and i is not
> > -1 before testing buffer[4].
> SILO definitely could use more attention and code improvements. I only
> hack on it when something needs to be fixed, and then I'm trying to be as
> conservative as possible, to avoid breaking things. If you are willing
> to work on it, and produce some patches, I'm sure that upstream will
> appreciate it.

Development implies proper testing and thus too much time that I rather spend 
with my Master thesis :)
I'll think about that again at the end of the year (thus, not before planned 
Etch release).


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