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Not sure if anyone can help - I've come into a Sun Ultra 5 system, but the base unit only - no cables or manuals, which I want to load Debian onto.
I've had a google around and it looks like I can use a standard PC monitor and get a sun keyboard for it, or I can use a serial cable to connect to it.
The serial port marked A on the Ultra 5 is a DB25 Female, and the serial port marked B is a DB9 Male.
My Linux development box here has 2 DB9 Male serial ports on it.
My questions are
1) Do I have to connect to serial A or B on the Ultra 5, or doesn't it matter
2) Will a standard DB9->DB25 serial null modem cable work for connecting to A, or a standard DB9->DB9 for connecting to B or do I have to have a special Sun cable?  This assumes that the cable comes with the correct attachments for connecting Male -> Female/Male as required
Many thanks for your help
Kevin Fullerton

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