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Re: Troubles booting 2.6.16 on sparc32

On Wed, 31 May 2006, Frans Pop wrote:

Switching to yaird is nice as a workaround, but debian-installer will use
initramfs by default, so this issue should be resolved.

Is there a bug report against initramfs-tools for this?
Has anyone tried to trace the issue?

initramfs-tools is not all that hard to debug and the maintainer is very
responsive. Please somebody work with him to resolve this issue in time
for Etch...

For the record, klibc 1.3.27-2 which is expected to appear in unstable soon (at the moment its source is available from mentors.debian.net) works fine both on sparc32 and sparc64. With that version installed the initrds generated with initramfs-tools work again, modulo some unresolved issues with udev on sparc32.

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