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Re: Troubles booting 2.6.16 on sparc32

On Friday 26 May 2006 09:18, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> Yes, this has been reported. Something is wrong with initramfs-tools on
> sparc32, so use yaird to generate initrds for now. The easiest way is
> to install yaird, and then remove initramfs-tools (at least one
> initramfs generator must be installed, otherwise kernel packages' deps
> are not satisfied). You have to manually add the following line
> somewhere before the END GOALS stanza in /etc/yaird/Default.cfg:

Switching to yaird is nice as a workaround, but debian-installer will use 
initramfs by default, so this issue should be resolved.

Is there a bug report against initramfs-tools for this?
Has anyone tried to trace the issue?

initramfs-tools is not all that hard to debug and the maintainer is very 
responsive. Please somebody work with him to resolve this issue in time 
for Etch...


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