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RE: Does anyone have software RAID 1 mirroring of / set up on Sparc?

> However, when it comes to mounting / from the md the boot dies - at the bottom of this email I've > pasted output of the last stage of the boot process.

Just to let you know, as I suspected, it was a udev problem.

In my case it was because the new filesystem didn't contain the character special devices for console & null.

Fixed by:

1. booting non-mirrored root
2. mount /dev/md2 /mnt
3. cd /mnt/dev
4. mknod console c 5 1
5. mknod null c 1 3

Everything's working now, but I find those messages about UUIDs being different between the various RAID members a bit annoying - anyone know how to fix that?

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