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Re: RAID config option missing


I wrote an How-to for installing RAID on the Sparc but it's in french.:
But with google translate :

Jim Farrand a écrit :

I'm trying to install Debian on a Sun Ultra 60 with 2 SCSI harddisks.  I
want to use software RAID on the discs.

Although I can see the config option in partitioning section for
configering RAID, I am not able to set partitions to type "Physical
volume for RAID" in the partition config (which is a pre-requisite to
the Configuring RAID step).  All the guides I can find tell me I really
need to be able to set this option to do the install (although they are
all x86 specific).

Does anyone know if this is just a bug in the installer, or is there a
good reason that this option is missing (ie RAID won't work on this
setup)?  Or do I need to do something different on sparc systems?

Thanks in advance,

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