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Creator3d modes

My creator3d will run 1280x1024 fine, the only higher resolutions i've found
that work are 1600x1000x60 and 1440x900x70; great if I had a 16:9, but my
gdm20e20 is capable of much more, why can't I run a 4:3 mode higher than the
5:4 1280 mode? BTW sun ultra10 440mhz running dual head in x at
1280x1024(creator3d ffb+2) and 1024x768(on a 17" with the built-in ati card)
the 1600x1200 mode or 1440x1080 set in OBP revert back to 1280x1024 on
reset, or cause the out of range blinky led on the monitor (depending on the
refresh I give it) those modes should run anywhere between 60 and 66hz,
checked them with the modeline creator(pretty good check of monitor
capabilities), is it my card limit, or monitor limit?  I can't seem to get
real specs (supported resolutions) on either the card or monitor, but I have
the proper sync rates for the monitor and modelines for x up to
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