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Re: Sparc32 support?

On Thursday 02 February 2006 22:31, Paul Cobbaut wrote:
> Sorry for asking a stupid question, but does this include support
> for UltraSparc ?

> Or is Sparc64 considered a different architecture from Sparc32 ?

Sparc32 and sparc64 are separate subarchitectures within the sparc port.

Currently the complete sparc port (64 and 32) is not included in the 
"official release architectures" for Etch, but sparc may requalify in the 
run-up to the release of Etch.

This is however separate from the option of dropping sparc32 as a 
subarchitecture _within_ the sparc port.
Main reasons for considering this were/are:
- broken support in 2.6 kernels for sparc32 (although this seems to be
  at least partly fixed in recent kernels)
- upstream kernel maintenance and support of important architecture
  specific packages and toolchain seems focussed on sparc64 and not

If Debian Installer could support 2.6 based installations for sparc32, 
that would be an important step towards not having to drop it for Etch.
One thing that would definitely need to be worked on for longer term 
viability is sysfs support in sbus device drivers.

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