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Re: sparc meeting requirements for etch

There, that's the kind of offer I've been looking for :)

Something a bit better than an Ultra1 will be needed though. At the
minimum, a dual proc Ultra2, Ultra30, or E250, or something along those


On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 12:09:20PM -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl) wrote:
> > On Thursday 22 September 2005 16:03, Ben Collins wrote:
> > > What we lack is someone pointing to an IP address saying, saying
> > > "Here's an 8-way UltraSPARC 4000 hosted on a multihomed T3, here's root
> > > access, we wont touch the box, and it will be there for as long as you
> > > need it. I, the company president, personally ok use of our resources
> > > for Debian."
> > 
> > So who has the contacts to arrange something like this (although I guess 
> > slightly lower specs would still be acceptable)?
> > As I understand it debian-sparc is effectively dead if an extra machine is 
> > not found on this basis.
> I've been working this issue through my management folks.  I need to
> write up a briefing on why it'd be good for us to host it and I've been
> slacking on that- sorry. :/  I'll try to write the briefing and get on
> the director's schedule next week.  I'd need the actual sparc box but it
> sounds like we've got the hardware.  I do have an ultra1 I could use but
> it sounds like there's much better available.
> Assuming management approves, it'd be on a multihomed network on a fibre
> ring, I think we have something like 15Mbs from our ISPs.  It'd be in
> one of the labs I'm the lab manager for behind 2 badge readers with very
> limited access and probably in a locked rack (assuming it's a rack-mount
> machine).
> Anyway, I've been working with vorlon and dilinger (iirc) on it and
> hopefully will have something positive to talk about next week.
> 	Thanks,
> 		Stephen

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