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Re: Sun Blade 150 fails to install - magic incantation needed?

I would suggest giving a Woody install a go... and then you can always do a dist-upgrade to sarge, minus the kernel if it still causes issues.


Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:

Attempting to install Debian Sarge on a Sun Blade 150 which has a current working Solaris 9 on it. Boot from CD works - SILO prompt
comes up, select linux

Machine boots with install kernel - little Tux comes in at top of screen - machine appears to work normally, initialises ramdisk and then dies
with message similar to "can't find root" followed by "Press L1-A to
continue" - at which point the machine is wedged and non-responsive to keyboard, needing a hard power-off reset.

Googling showed similar problems with debian-installer on Sparc 64 last
year but nothing obvious. Machine not at home, so can't check exact wording: HELP - am getting laughed at by Solaris admins and being
told that Linux sucks :)

I imagine that an argument passed to SILO after linux to indicate
where the ramdisk / initrd are is what's needed but I don't know
the precise specifics. Last time I did this was a Sarge install
but on a Sparc20 with known SMP problems kernel problems - I now
have a whole different hardware platform to troubleshoot :)

I have read and printed the HOWTO mentioned recently in DWN by
?? Nishin Sharma ?? and downloaded the image he suggests - but I'd
rather not have to go to set up TFTP and other hassles.


[Only just subscribed to list again - in this instance, replies to me personally would also be appreciated]

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