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Re: Drop 2.6 support for sparc32 in Debian Installer

How's xfree working on the latest 2.6. kernel? Last time I tried it just 
didn't come up.

El Lun 22 Ago 2005 13:43, Frans Pop escribió:
> Currently sparc32 is holding back progress for debian-installer because 
> there is no 2.6.12 kernel available. This is also blocking sparc64 from 
> switching to the 2.6.12 kernel.
> As 2.6.8 kernels are likely to be dropped for testing/unstable, there is 
> no real use in keeping 2.6.8 for sparc32.
> I understand Jurij Smakov has been working on some of the issues and has 
> had some success with a monolithic kernel, but that is not an option for 
> the installer.
> So, unless there has been some very real progress that we're not aware of, 
> it looks like we will have to drop 2.6 support for sparc32 in D-I.
> In practice this will mean the sparc32 netboot-2.6 images will be dropped.
> If a working current 2.6 kernel can be produced later, we can of course 
> add sparc32 back in.
> We will be able to keep 2.4.27 support for now, but only as long as that 
> kernel remains in the archives for testing/unstable and supported by the 
> kernel team; a decision about the future of 2.4 kernels for Etch has not 
> yet been made.
> Cheers,
> P.S. For sparc64 I plan to add dual boot support (both 2.6 and 2.4) to the 
> CD images soon.

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