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Drop 2.6 support for sparc32 in Debian Installer

Currently sparc32 is holding back progress for debian-installer because 
there is no 2.6.12 kernel available. This is also blocking sparc64 from 
switching to the 2.6.12 kernel.

As 2.6.8 kernels are likely to be dropped for testing/unstable, there is 
no real use in keeping 2.6.8 for sparc32.
I understand Jurij Smakov has been working on some of the issues and has 
had some success with a monolithic kernel, but that is not an option for 
the installer.

So, unless there has been some very real progress that we're not aware of, 
it looks like we will have to drop 2.6 support for sparc32 in D-I.
In practice this will mean the sparc32 netboot-2.6 images will be dropped.

If a working current 2.6 kernel can be produced later, we can of course 
add sparc32 back in.

We will be able to keep 2.4.27 support for now, but only as long as that 
kernel remains in the archives for testing/unstable and supported by the 
kernel team; a decision about the future of 2.4 kernels for Etch has not 
yet been made.


P.S. For sparc64 I plan to add dual boot support (both 2.6 and 2.4) to the 
CD images soon.

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