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Re: SUN Enterprise 3000

Romain Dolbeau wrote:
> > Yes, I could. But that does not solve the problem. If the scsi drivers are
> > not available within Debian, it is never going to recognize the disks - as
> > is the case already. And will complain that there is no device to write
> > to. So, any help is appreciated.
> During netboot (don't know about cdrom boot), SCSI drivers are not
> present in the loaded image, but are loaded afterward from the http
> source (or ftp source, or whatever). This is the case for the extremely
> common esp driver (used on almost all sun4c and sun4m machine, and some
> sun4u).
> Maybe the SCSI driver you need would also be available in this manner,
> even if it's not present in the default kernel on cdrom.

Provided that the boot image has an appended initrd image you can get around
this sort of problem by switching to a different virtual console and using
insmod to load the appropriate driver. Otherwise it might be necessary to
generate a combined kernel/initrd using elftoaout and piggyback, and loading
this over the LAN- you need rarpd and tftpd on the server.

I've had to wrestle with this sort of thing not only on Suns but also on larger
Compaq x86 systems where a fancy RAID controller driver wasn't compiled into the

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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