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Printing problems on Ultra 2

Hi to everyone,

Recently I have tried Debian Stable on my "new" Ultra 2. Everything
seems to be working fine excepting the parallel port. I have a HP
Laserjet 4L.
The 2.4.27 kernel contains 2 drivers for the Sun parallel port: bpp
(obsolete) and parport_sunbpp. With the parport_sunbpp module one
cannot print anything useful; the output contains only garbage. With
the bpp module the situation is somehow better, but the printout
contains additional strange characters; some characters are missing
With dvilj4l the printout is almost "perfect" but some characters are
missing or they are in the wrong position.
I know there are problems with the sun parallel port under Linux, but I
would like to know if someone can print correctly using the sbus
parallel port.
I mention that the same printer works just fine with Debian SPARC on a
Sun Ultra 10, which uses the parport_pc module. So we can be sure that
the problem is connected with the parport_sunbpp/bpp driver.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Best regards,

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