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Re: Booting Ultra 5 from external SCSI

On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 12:13 +0200, Dr. Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi Debians,
> my system is an ultra 5 with a 360 MHz CPU and 512 MB RAM.
> Getting frequent ide resets (specially under load) from the builtin ide 
> drive/controller  I'd like to use my external SCSI disk as boot and root 
> device. SCSI adaptor and disk have been initially used under Solaris 
> (5.8 and 5.9) and therefore are known to be OBP aware.
> Is anybody running such a configuration ?

Greetings Roger,

I recently installed Etch on a U5 with an internal SCSI drive and a PCI
SCSI controller that is supported for booting via openprom.  I removed
the IDE hard drive, and used a businesscard ISO via the IDE CDROM (on
its own cable) to boot the machine and start an Etch install.

> If so, are there any special requirements concerning the
>     * disk partitioning

Same as on an IDE drive on this platform.  On Sparcs and Ultras, I use a
small first partition as /boot, and the rest of the drive as / and swap,
to live within the usual SILO partition location constraints.

>     * openprom settings

After the base installation completes and attempts to reboot --- dumped
into openprom, as expected.  There was no alias for the path through my
SCSI controller to the drive.  I puzzled out a path, saved it as
"diska" (probably with nvalias), then set the boot device to "diska".

>     * silo configuration

I probably used whatever the Etch installer set up.  May have had to add
an initrd statement.

Using a 2.4.27 kernel.

> The FAQs I've found a more related to the older (sbus) systems though 
> the hardware of the ultra 5 is more 'pc-like'.

-- good luck, SP

> THNX, Roger

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