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Re: Weird things regarding Xfree and Creator 3d (or why don't Imanage to get Xvideo and DRI working)

> > DRI has been disabled in current xfree86 for creator3d, IIRC.
> That's correct.  In order to support XAA and the modern font
> rendering stuff correctly, DRI support had to get turned off
> on sunffb.

I had the same problem with a Creator3D in an Ultra60. Do you know if there 
is any way to turn on the DRI support again? I was looking through the 
changelog of the xfree package but found nothing about changes in DRI, and 
the documentaiton on the Xfree86 site stated it works (is this a debian 
specific change?).
So, is there an option to the sunffb module or some other trick to enable 
it? The necesary dri driver ffb_dri.so and the kernel modul is installed, 
at least.

There also is a second problem with sunffb: When moving a window on the 
desktop, sometimes it gets overlayed by a color pattern until the window 
is redrawn. I can't say if this related to acceleration of the sunffb 
driver. Is there a way to turn off acceleration for testing?

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