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Re: debianinstaller root+raid+lvm on U30

On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 07:27:52PM +0100, Simon Heywood wrote:
> I seem to remember (maybe from a previous thread on this list) that the
> RAID features of the Debian-Installer don't work on SPARC machines.
> I've certainly not been able to do that on my Netra T1 105.  However, a
> RAID-1 + LVM set-up is both possible and fairly easy to achieve.  You
> just need the benefit of hindsight. :-)

After alot of fiddling around, I think I've managed to manually build
both the RAID-1 device and LVM VG and LV's that I wanted to create.  I
ended up modifying the filter in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf from the d-i shell,
so that it would ignore the physical disks.  Even with that, I had to
run vgcreate twice to finally get anything out of it.  (note: still
getting errors about fsync failing for /etc/lvm/backup, but I totally
ignored any and all such errors).

I went back to the d-i partioner menu, and finally it was showing my
LV's in the list.  There is still some underlying problem however, as it
kept insisting I had made and needed to commit some change to the RAID
device; when I let it do so, it then complained that the change was not
accepted and a reboot would be required.  I ignored this and proceeded.

Back at the main d-i menu I instructed it to install the base system,
which it seems to have done without incident.  I am now however stuck
trying to get SILO functional.  Attempting this from the d-i menu
resulted in a nice little message stating an error had occured (no
details given).

So, manually, from the shell:

	~ # /target/sbin/silo -r /target
	/etc/silo.conf appears to be valid
	Fatal error: Couldn't find out what device is second stage on

Is SILO aware of RAID or LVM?  I guess I could go back and blow all this
stuff away and create a non-RAID, non-LVM partition at the start of both
disks for /boot; suboptimal but I guess I'll take what I can get.

Of course, even if I can make SILO happy, the bootup might still fail;
if so, I think I'll try the method you suggested next.



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