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Re: Sarge on Netra T1

Jon Biddell <jon@mandrake.net.au> writes:

> P.S. Anyone know what keyboard type to use for a Type 6 SUN keyboard ?

It depends on the kernel and the type of type 6.  Some are USB and
some have the type 5-type connector.  For a 2.6 kernel, you need pc104
(?) -- see the install instructions, I think.  Otherwise, for a USB
one, I think you need `mac usb' with the appropriate localization.  It
might help if that was documented somewhere.

You don't get all the Sun keys, though, at least with a 2.6 kernel.
I'd be interested in a recipe to get the extra keys on a type 6 set up
correctly, e.g. the L1 keys and Compose don't work for me, and I think
meta and alt are swapped from the default in Woody.  I assume it's not
difficult to figure out the relevant keymap entries, but maybe someone
has already done that.

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