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partitioning for dual boot

Has anyone had success with a Sarge/Solaris dual boot?  I did this
with Woody (or possibly earlier), but I can't now partition a disk
which Solaris is happy with.

I've tried installing Solaris (10) first, and Debian first, but it
seems that whenever fdisk, parted, or whatever it is that the
installer uses, touches the disk, it clobbers it and the Solaris boot
or install won't use it.  I think I've had different reports from
Solaris, depending on what I did, but an example is:

WARNING: /pci@1c,600000/scsi@2/sd@0,0 (sd0):
        Corrupt label - bad geometry

        Label says 71133184 blocks; Drive says 71132959 blocks

I was wondering whether it was worth trying to build an old fdisk and,
if so, which version to go for.

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