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Re: tg3 driver fails

Am Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2005 22:11 schrieb David S. Miller:
> > However, I agree that all firmware should be removed from the kernel and
> > provided externally (like done with the AVM B1 ISDN cards).
> > However, Debian _must_ tell then, where to find the firmware (means:
> > don't let the user alone with this)!
> This doesn't work either.  What if the tg3 card is your only
> network access?  How might you get that magic firmware file?

Does initrd or the like work with network boot? How does the card actually do 
network boot when not being able to operate without firmware (chicken-egg 
If the network card cannot handle network boot: why would you want such a 

> This scheme doesn't work, firmware belongs in the kernel tree
> so that at boot time, regardless of your internet access, you
> can get a working device.

I could give you various reasons why firmware does _not_ belong into a 
compiled driver. A clean interface in driver development and easy firmware 
replacement are just two things.

> What if I want to use NFS root over the tg3 device?

See above.

I find it strange that there are network cards that need a firmware 
uploaded :-/
It's good for ISDN cards as there are many modes to operate in but for an 
ethernet card?


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