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Re: Help with hardware choices

Dale Scheetz wrote: (snippage throughout)

I have been working for the Florida
Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs.

I am currently building a new database for the Division. It is web
based Apache/php4/postgreSQL software that will allow Individuals and
Organizations to view and update their personal information as well as
view the status of their various grants and provide staff with
view/edit screens to access the complete data set.

I have been tasked with picking the hardware, and my feeling is that
SPARC offers the best bang for the buck.

Let me preface this by saying I have no idea what I'm talking about, but if it were me, I'd at least take a look at the Mac-mini (this site is doing web hosting on Minis - http://www.xrackhosting.com/machine.php?pid=dedicated_hosting) and/or the Xserve if you need that much horsepower.

Kent West
Technology Support
/A/bilene /C/hristian /U/niversity

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