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Re: Re: Video card

> Isn't one of the Sun Cards designed off of an ATI 7000 chipset?
Not sure but sounds beleiveable.

>  How hard 
> would it be to get one of those to work I wonder.
Depends how close it was to the ATI versions and how well documented.

>  Every Linux I have tried 
> with this card, I get artifacts and sometimes tearing.  If I use command 
> line, I still get artifacts.  Left over words, etc....  I am hoping that 
> there is a card out there that works and is stable with my E250 and Linux.
Well, the ATI Rage card I've got in this machine seem to work just fine,
however I don't know enough about the chipset to say if you have to have
the version with the Sun firmware or if a PC one will do.  I'll let you
know when I've tested it.

I suspect that if you are willing to get your hands a bit dirty then you
can get something running pretty well but good 3D performance is likely
to be hard to come by.  As far as I've got with playing with PC cards in
Sun boxen is getting a Matrox Millenium to be recognised on the PCI bus
and building a kernel with the framebuffer drivers for it.

 - Martin

"Seasons change, things come to pass"

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