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Re: Re: Video card

Isn't one of the Sun Cards designed off of an ATI 7000 chipset? How hard would it be to get one of those to work I wonder. Every Linux I have tried with this card, I get artifacts and sometimes tearing. If I use command line, I still get artifacts. Left over words, etc.... I am hoping that there is a card out there that works and is stable with my E250 and Linux.

Shawn Huston

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On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 17:51, Huston wrote:
I need a decent video card for my E250. The Raptor one I have doesn't do the job very well. What is a good replacement, and is there a list of cards that will work with an E250 server out there?
Anything manufactured by Sun and listed as supported on an E250 or
anything made by a third party and listed as compatable.  As far as I
know no-one has yet managed to get generic / PC graphics cards working
with Sun hardware - however it shouldn't be too difficult and probably
just requires a bit of carefully targeted hacking.  I'm hoping to get a
chance to do some work on it in the next few months.

- Martin

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