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Re: sound configuration

Hey guys, It worked now. I rebooted my machine and was able to follow the settings in /etc/default/audioctl I'm just wondering that when changing contents of /etc/default/audioctl and you just rmmod and insmod the modules, sound starts coming out of the default speaker. What is the proper way of reloaded the sound drivers? Btw, I'm using cs4231 and audio devices and it's working great.

Neil writes:
Hi guys, I got the sound to work. I am able to play mp3 files now. But problem is, the sound is coming from the built-in speaker. I have already modified /etc/default/audioctl with the settings below
DEVICE=/dev/audioctl and have reloaded the cs4231 module, still, the sound comes out from the built-in speaker. I also tried
DEVICE=/dev/audioctl no success. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Neil

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