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RE: Whats the trick? -> Continued

Another thought has just occurred to me. My
Ultra 2 system has two hard drives that did
not originate in a Sun system. They most likely
originated in a PC. These drives were bought
through eBay. They seem to work well, at least
they did with Debian 3.0. It seemed to me
that a Sun system requires a "Whole Disk"
and/or "Magic Number". (I thing I have those
terms correct.) If this is required to get this
system to boot correctly how can I set this
up? Sarge's partitioning program doesn't
seem to have this capability.

Any more thoughts? Im all ears.
This may well not be the answer you were after, but I did this (on an originally-SPARC disk, I should point out) by downloading the ISO for Solaris 6 (IIRC), burning it and running that in single-user mode. I then used Solaris's own formatting tool to get the correct format of disk - this was only necessary since I didn't have a working Linux system at the time...

I ran into a brick wall with the CD boot though, so in the end I popped the disk and got a colleague to install a basic system on it using his own Sparcstation...

Good luck fixing things!


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