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Whats the trick? -> Continued

Greetings yet again

I have continued to try out different things.
Yes, I am rather persistant. 

One person who signed his/her message 
--SP suggested that I reduce my root partition
size below 2GB. This seemed to work in that 
Silo is no longer terminating. 

The system now will not boot stating that 
it can't find or load /etc/silo.conf. (Just my 
luck.) I can only suppose that silo works
sort of like lilo does. I tried to boot from 
the CD's rescue option only to have it do a 
kernel panic. (More luck.) I have not had 
a real good time this. I've had to keep 
reminding myself that this "IS" the testing
version. (Bleeding edge, AH!)

Another thought has just occurred to me. My
Ultra 2 system has two hard drives that did 
not originate in a Sun system. They most likely
originated in a PC. These drives were bought 
through eBay. They seem to work well, at least 
they did with Debian 3.0. It seemed to me 
that a Sun system requires a "Whole Disk" 
and/or "Magic Number". (I thing I have those 
terms correct.) If this is required to get this 
system to boot correctly how can I set this 
up? Sarge's partitioning program doesn't 
seem to have this capability.

Any more thoughts? Im all ears.

Walt L. Williams

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