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Re: Solaris Emulation How?

Bob Meader wrote:

I coupled the listed solaris shared libs to /usr/gnemul/sunos/usr/lib
and the solaris version of 'bash' to /usr/gnemul/sunos/usr/bin .
I changed to directory /usr/gnemul/sunos/usr/bin and
tried to execute the solaris binary bash via ./bash but no go.

For Solaris you probably need to put libraries etc. in
/usr/gnemul/solaris/usr/lib, and you might need to run all
binaries as superuser.

I have tested some things about 3 years ago on an Ultra1 w/ 2.2.12
and Solaris 5.6 libs and binaries.

Solaris binaries such as nslookup, uname, gcc, xsol, dtcalc,
sophos antivirus and oclock ran fine.

What gives for instance the command uname?


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