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Re: Bug#276212: why remove supercollider sparc packages?

On 11/17/2004 08:56 AM, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:

> I have an UltraSparc 5 (64-bit machine), so I can test this in
> principle.  It may be a few days though, because it is currently a
> firewall running woody, so I'll need to find the time to build a sid chroot.

Forgot I already had a sid chroot installed on that machine; that makes
life much easier.

Anyway, I don't know anything about supercollider, but it doesn't look

alcyone[21]:~# sclang
Directory SC_SYNTHDEF_PATH=/root/synthdefs does not exist.
Creating /root/synthdefs
->TempoClock_stopAll 00000000
<-TempoClock_stopAll 00000000
compiling class library..
/usr/bin/sclang: line 23: 27712 Aborted                 ${SCLANG} $*

Trying "sparc32 sclang" doesn't change anything, and I already have an
existing file /etc/disable_64_gcc.

Could someone try running sclang on a 32-bit Sparc?  If it does run
there, then the binary packages for sparc can stay, but maybe a note
should be added somewhere (debian/control?) that supercollider doesn't
work on 64-bit machines, even with a 32-bit userland.  Similar tests on
ppc64 and s390x would probably be worthwhile.  FTR it seems to be OK on
32-bit powerpc.


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