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Re: Bug#276212: why remove supercollider sparc packages?

On 11/17/2004 04:45 AM, Paul Brossier wrote:

> building on sparc does not throw the ugly messages found on alpha, ia64
> and amd64. so it could well be that a sparc machine with a 64 bit kernel
> can run the 32 bit supercollider happily. can you test this? i will send
> a mail to debian-sparc to shed more light on this. 

I have an UltraSparc 5 (64-bit machine), so I can test this in
principle.  It may be a few days though, because it is currently a
firewall running woody, so I'll need to find the time to build a sid chroot.

> the packages will need to be removed from the pool anyway, so i guess
> this is why the bug is still open.

Yep.  Maybe the sparc ones won't need to be removed though.  I'll update
you when I get a chance.

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