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Re: Circular Dependency libc6 and kernel-image-xx

Am Montag, 15. November 2004 11:09 schrieb Le grand pinguin:
> Newer kernels depend on newer kernel tools (modutils, intrd-tools etc.)
> and _these_do_ depend on newer versions of libc6. I had to use 'ar' and
> then a bold tar extraction and dpkg with '--force-depends' to break the
> circle - nothing for the faint of heart.

File a bug report on libc6. I guess that the runtime kernel version detection 
is not the proper way to do this. IIRC, on debian-boot, there was some 
discussion on this.

> BTW, i did a clean install of woody and then a 'dist-upgrade' to testing.
> Shouldn't that work without first having to manually install a newer kernel
> version.

Not until Debian Sarge is actually released. With the release, there should be 
a working upgrade plan. Sometimes, a single dist-upgrade is not sufficient.

> And, as a second question: the libc6 package seems to look at the version
> of the kernel during it's installation (not by means of 'Depends' in
> the control file).

A Depends: would make installing a self-compiled (without kernel-package) 
kernel-image impossible or a dummy-package would have to be installed. The 
latter, however, would make the whole thing senseless.


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