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Re: Re: Problems with Sarge Install on Sparcstation 5

I agree, this looks like a kernel issue.  I looked over the 2.4.27 kernel 
changelog.  Nothing in the changelog points to a module level change that 
might cause this type of problem.  I downloaded a copy of the 2.4.27 kernels 
source tree.  Once again there do not seem to be modifications to the SPARC 
source tree (BIG ASSUMPTION HERE that the problem is in the SPARC side of the 
kernel source tree.) that would cause a problem in the kernel.  If I have to 
guess, this may be a kernel configuration problem.  I looked at the kernel 
configuration options I came across a kernel configuration flag 
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR_VENDOR.  This flag enables the use of vendor specific SCSI 
commands.  These are needed to support multisession CD's for old Toshibia 
drives.  (Given the vintage of my Sparcstation 5 the Toshibia drive is likely 
to be "old".)  I tried to locate the 2.4.27 kernel configuration file on my 
installation CD but failed to find it.  I would like to do a diff between the 
2.4.26 and 2.4.27 kernel configuration files to see if the problem is related 
to how the kernels were configured.  Is is possible to get a copy of these 
configuration files?

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