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Memory Testing?

Hello list,

I've got a server that's dropping some mail, in addition to putting some
strange error messages in the logs (not directly related to the dropped

Most references I can find to this error message indicate it's caused by
bad ram, so I wanted to test the memory in my Sun Ultra 10, running the
latest Sarge. On a pc I would use memtest86, but there doesn't seem to
be a Sparc version available. Doing an apt-cache search on memtest
produced memtester and sysutils, but they don't seem to do as thorough
of a test as memtest86 does. Memtester only succeeded at testing 256MB
of ram, when the server has 512MB - even when I booted into single user

So my question is this. Does anyone know of a way to test the ram on a
Ultra 10 more effectively? This stuff is still expensive enough that I
don't really want to buy more ram just to see if the current stuff is


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