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SMP Kernel?

Hi List,

I've got a SparcStatic 20/MP here and recently installed the latest
Debian on it. The kernel that came with the install did not include
SMP, so I downloaded the kernel source for 2.4.10 and config'd it to
include SMP. When I compiled it and rebooted, SMP support was present
but the machine did not know how to speak to the network (no "inet"
line in ifconfig and no fetching of the IP addr with "ifup eth0"). I
checked the config for the kernel I made and all of the TCP/IP and INET
options seem to be in there.

So now I've got two kernels, one that gives me one processor and an IP
address, and another that gives me two processors but no IP address.

Any ideas for troubleshooting this problem?

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