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Re: Got sound going on a U60 debian smp

On Mon, 2004-11-08 at 17:10, Carl Wharehinga wrote:
> dear list members,
> Has anyone managed to get sound going on there U60. I cant :( but would 
> like to.
> currently I am running 2.4.24-sparc64-smp kernel. I have tried with some 
> standard PCI sound cards
> besides the on-board one but would prefer to use the on-board if this works.
> Any help would be appreciated

What are the failure symptoms and what PCI cards have you tried?  

A U60's onboard sound does work with Linux; and the modules provided
with the Sparc64 2.4 kernel suggest that two types of PCI soundcards
should work: ones based on a particular Trident chipset and ones based
on a chipset used in Creative Soundblaster PCI and possibly Ensoniq
Audio PCI cards.

For onboard sound have you done

   modprobe cs4231

or added cs4231 to /etc/modules ?  Have you set the PARAMS variable


in /etc/default/audioctl ?

In any Debian install a user account has to be a member of the "audio"
group for the mixer or playback to work for that user.

The mixer's volume level may default to 0.

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