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Re: Ultra10, keyboard with 2.6.9

Ok you need to run dpkg-reconfigure console-data and select the option
to use the kernel's keymap, or your keyboard won't work right in 2.6.
The reason is, 2.6 converts scancodes to be PC, and 2.4 uses the raw
SPARC scancodes. Therefore if you use the kernel's own keymap, it will
work OK.

For the pointer, use dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 to select
/dev/sunmouse as pointer device with protocol BusMouse, usually no
scroll events, and no 3-button emulation.

This works for my Ultra 10. Let me know if it screws up and I will try
to help some more. If your kernel config is problematic, here is some
help for you:

Now that I know of a need I will submit my U10 configuration.

--- debian-sparc@perkamentus.com wrote:

> When I try to boot my Ultra10 with a 2.6.9 kernel everything is fine
> until the end. When X is starting it fails, because there's no core
> pointer. But not just core pointer is missing, I cannot use my
> keyboard (SUN Type 6). Even Stop-A is not working.
> With a 2.4.27 (deb-package) everything is working great, so there is
> something wrong with my 2.6 config (manually). What do I need to
> enable to get my keyboard and mouse working with a 2.6?

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