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Re: Ultra10, keyboard with 2.6.9

On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 05:27:19PM -0800, foo_bar_baz_boo-deb@yahoo.com wrote:
> Ok you need to run dpkg-reconfigure console-data and select the option
> to use the kernel's keymap, or your keyboard won't work right in 2.6.
> The reason is, 2.6 converts scancodes to be PC, and 2.4 uses the raw
> SPARC scancodes. Therefore if you use the kernel's own keymap, it will
> work OK.

OK, keyboard is working now.

> For the pointer, use dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 to select
> /dev/sunmouse as pointer device with protocol BusMouse, usually no
> scroll events, and no 3-button emulation.

If I use these settings, X fails to start. If I choose /dev/psaux X
will start, i.e. I can login, using keyboard, but no mouse. After
typing username/password system starts login but halfway through, it
stops. Maybe I'm not patient enough, but with the 2.4 I would have
seen the desktop already.

> This works for my Ultra 10. Let me know if it screws up and I will try
> to help some more. If your kernel config is problematic, here is some
> help for you:
> http://dev.gentoo.org/~ciaranm/configs/kernel/2.6.x/

Thanks, I will check that with mine, as this is my first manual kernel
for a sparc. Could be I miss a relevant option (probably something to
do with mouse and/or its interface ;-) )


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