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Re: [SOLVED] Take 3: sparc64 CDs work?

On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 01:03, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
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> On Sunday 20 June 2004 21:56, Stefan Molnar wrote:
> > In the U5/10 systems, memory must be installed in pairs, for 256MBm
> > and 4 DIMMS that
> > he says he has, each will be 64MB.   It may have been just reseating
> > the memory that
> > made it happy.
> [ snip ]
> I only have two DIMMS (2x128MB), not four. These were sitting in the 
> third and fourth DIMM socket. Moving them to the first and second DIMM 
> socket made initrd happy.
> - -- 

I just moved my 2x128MB DIMMS from the 3th & 4th socket to the 1st & 2nd
socket and can confirm a succesful boot from CDRom into the installer on
my Ultra 5, using a daily image from May 21st.

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