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Problem with building binutils (Segfault)


When I want to compile binutils-, the process ends
with a segmentation fault:

gcc -W -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -g -O2 -o
objdump objdump.o budemang.o prdbg.o rddbg.o debug.o stabs.o
ieee.o rdcoff.o bucomm.o version.o filemode.o 
../bfd/.libs/libbfd.a ../libiberty/libiberty.a -ldl collect2: ld
terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]

I'm sure, that this is a known problem. But I can not find any
solutions on the web.

Has anyone else this problem and maybe even a solution or a


PS: I'm using gcc 3.3.3 on my Ultra5 running debian(unstable)


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