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RE: SS5 with Quattro HME SBUS Speed Issue

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> From: Alex Bartok [mailto:alex@moocows.org] 
> Sent: 08 June 2004 11:44
> To: Gary Parker; debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: SS5 with Quattro HME SBUS Speed Issue
> not sure if these utilities work properly on a sparc system - 
> never tried might be something worth looking into though.

Well, they're in stable...I had a look for mii-tool as well but that doesn't
seem to exist on debian/sparc.

> AFAIK the SS5 has ide disks, considering the age of the 
> machine the ide bus is probably not the fastest. I'd try to 
> generate data randomly without utilizing the hds and send 
> that to another machine.
> Maybe catting urandom into a tcp listener on another machine....

Nope, definitely SCSI. Copying a single large file over from the SS5 to the
XP box and looking at the network traffic in task manager shows an almost
perfectly flat line at 10% of the 100Mb/s adapter's available bandwidth,
that's what made me think it was a negotiation problem.

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