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Re: SS5 with Quattro HME SBUS Speed Issue

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004 11:54:52 +0100, Gary Parker <G.J.Parker@lboro.ac.uk> wrote:

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From: Alex Bartok [mailto:alex@moocows.org]
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To: Gary Parker; debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: SS5 with Quattro HME SBUS Speed Issue

not sure if these utilities work properly on a sparc system -
never tried might be something worth looking into though.

Well, they're in stable...I had a look for mii-tool as well but that doesn't
seem to exist on debian/sparc.

Yep, but a possibility is that the HME simply doesn't support these settings
(as in the way those apps try to set it).

AFAIK the SS5 has ide disks, considering the age of the
machine the ide bus is probably not the fastest. I'd try to
generate data randomly without utilizing the hds and send
that to another machine.
Maybe catting urandom into a tcp listener on another machine....

Nope, definitely SCSI. Copying a single large file over from the SS5 to the
XP box and looking at the network traffic in task manager shows an almost
perfectly flat line at 10% of the 100Mb/s adapter's available bandwidth,
that's what made me think it was a negotiation problem.
Sidenote: I screwed that up - I meant to say UDP (should give you higher transfer rates)

Maybe these two are of help:




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