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Re: SS5 with Quattro HME SBUS Speed Issue

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004 11:35:30 +0100, Gary Parker <G.J.Parker@lboro.ac.uk> wrote:

Morning all...I've got a little problem which you'll hopefully be able to
help me out with.


"port: SIOCSIFMAP: Operation not supported"

Google'ing suggests using ethtool instead but this seems to have no effect
when making changes and returns the following error when trying to get
driver information:

"Cannot get driver information: Operation not supported"

not sure if these utilities work properly on a sparc system - never tried
might be something worth looking into though.

So, what can I do? Is this a problem with the quattro/hme driver or is this
system simply too slow to pump the data out fast enough to saturate a
100Mb/s network?

AFAIK the SS5 has ide disks, considering the age of the machine the ide bus
is probably not the fastest. I'd try to generate data randomly without utilizing
the hds and send that to another machine.
Maybe catting urandom into a tcp listener on another machine....

Alex Bartok

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