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SS5 with Quattro HME SBUS Speed Issue

Morning all...I've got a little problem which you'll hopefully be able to
help me out with.

I'm currently running woody (kernel 2.4.24) as a firewall/router/mail server
on the following hardware for a small home network (no more than 5 devices
accessing the Internet at a time).

SPARCstation 5, 70MHz
Sun Quattro HME NIC

I have a 600/128kbs cable modem attached to the onboard lance adapter and
one of the ports on the quattro is connected to a cheapo, non-managed,
100Mb/s switch. Messages in /var/log/syslog suggest that it's
auto-negotiation at 100Mb/s, Full Duplex:

"Jun  8 11:28:13 cthulhu kernel: eth0: Link is up using internal transceiver
at 100Mb/s, Full Duplex."

However, copying files from the samba server on the machine to my XP desktop
never results in speeds >=10Mb/s while copying files between any of the
Windows machines on my network results in speeds approaching 80-90Mb/s.

I've tried using ifconfig to manually set 100Mb/s full duplex but I get the
following error:

"port: SIOCSIFMAP: Operation not supported"

Google'ing suggests using ethtool instead but this seems to have no effect
when making changes and returns the following error when trying to get
driver information:

"Cannot get driver information: Operation not supported"

So, what can I do? Is this a problem with the quattro/hme driver or is this
system simply too slow to pump the data out fast enough to saturate a
100Mb/s network?

/-Gary Parker-----------------------f-Loughborough University-\
n IT Bandwidth Management Specialist - http://www.bmas.ja.net |
| Computing Services      - http://www.lboro.ac.uk/computing/ o

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