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Re: Problem upgrading libc6

Ben Collins wrote:
Wanna add -x to the 'set -e' in /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.postrm and see
what happens before it segs?

I'm fairly confident that once you find it, you could just add exit 0 to
the beginning of the script (past the hashbang) and stuff will work fine.
But it's nice to know. I figure ldconfig is segfaulting...

And if that works, see what happens if you ldconfig after the new libc6 is
Sounds like it is bash that is segv'ing then. Can you run /bin/sh?

Well yes, I can run /bin/sh. But my guess is that it probably segfaults when the new libc6 libraries are present at the time postrm is run.

Actually, I just tried running ldconfig. After that, every command segfaults, including /bin/sh. I probably shouldn't have done that, I suppose now I'll have to start over again...


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