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Odd Xserver startup (black screen)

I've installed Debian-3.0 RC2 on my ultra-5 sparc (which has a Raptor GFX32
PCI video card on it otherwise its a stock machine).  All went smoothly until
X was started.  It simply wouldn't start - I then select the 'glint' video
driver and now something happens, but I doubt X is really running.

With 'glint' I get a black screen and nothing else at all.  I'm unable to even
switch to a text console (Alt-Ctrl-F1, etc).  My machine also seems rather
dead - meaning, I can't do much with it other than reboot the thing.  While
in this state I did login to it externally and checked the xfree86 log file
and it looked fine (no errors, nothing peculiar - even the video 1280x1024
seems have been found and selected fine).

How can I debug this and how best to get X running.

Keep in mind that after woody's installation I 'dist-upgraded' in hopes of
a fix and now have the latest xserver-* packages (4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 I believe).

Any help, info, direction would he helpful.


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