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Re: PROM upgrade running Debian?

> > > > > > 	I am running sarge on a Netra X1. I would like to upgrade its
> > > > > > PROM,

> > > Oh, you have to run shar on that script to extract the executable.

> > not the case with the X1s (and presumably more newer boxes).

> > 	I'd say that the only way would be to have a netbootable Solaris and use
> > it for this task.

> I've upgraded my Blade 100's PROM using this method. Not sure why it
> isn't working for you.

	Can you look up the patch name you used?

	I have 111952-03, which unzips a README and a script called 

	In the latter, I had to change the line that reads:
grep "^->" $0 | sed -e "s/^..//" | uudecode -p /dev/stdin >$TMPFILE
	and make it:
grep "^->" $0 | sed -e "s/^..//" | uudecode >$TMPFILE

	Or just take the uucode at the end of the file, strip the "->" at the 
beginning of each line. Then I get a script called, well, script.

	At the end of that new script, there is another uucoded file like in the 
previous one, that unpacks to flash_bundle.tar.Z; unfortunately, the uucoded 
file in 'script' contains non-ASCII characters, so the resulting 
flash_bundle.tar.Z doesn't uncompress (maybe that's because I used a Linux 
uudecode? Shouldn't happen).

	On top of that, the code at the beginning of 'script' symlinks things 
from /devices to /dev/flashprom:0 depending on the results of prtconf, and 
the messages at the end indicate that updated firmware takes effect after 
next reboot; so it seems clear that this patch runs on top of Solaris without 
any rebooting.

Alfredo Sola

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