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Re: PROM upgrade running Debian?

> > > > 	I am running sarge on a Netra X1. I would like to upgrade its PROM,

> > > Actually, just unpack the patch, grab the executable that upgrades the
> > > flash and netboot it. You don't need to run it under Solaris.

> Oh, you have to run shar on that script to extract the executable.

	Ah, I see what you mean. Unfortunately, the procedure is not the same for the 
X1/Blade 100 as for the rest of the Sun boxes. I am now upgrading an Ultra 5 
and, indeed, you boot the upgrader that does the job; that is not the case 
with the X1s (and presumably more newer boxes).

	I'd say that the only way would be to have a netbootable Solaris and use it 
for this task.

	Thanks anyway!

Alfredo Sola

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