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Re: PROM upgrade running Debian?

> > 	I am running sarge on a Netra X1. I would like to upgrade its PROM, but
> > unfortunately Sun's patch relies on Solaris-specific hooks. Is there a
> > way to upgrade the PROM running Debian?

> Actually, just unpack the patch, grab the executable that upgrades the
> flash and netboot it. You don't need to run it under Solaris.

	Well, I tried and it is something like a script within a script within a 
script; at least, that is what 111952-03 is. Tried to hack a bit into it, but 
got no luck.

	It is not critical for this machine to have its PROM updated, although it 
would certainly be nice to have all these bugs fixed. I suspect that one or 
two that relate to the Davicom Ethernet driver may be upsetting Debian.

	So, any other hint?

	Many thanks,

Alfredo Sola

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