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Re: PROM upgrade running Debian?

On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 11:39:05AM +0200, Alfredo Sola wrote:
> > > 	I am running sarge on a Netra X1. I would like to upgrade its PROM, but
> > > unfortunately Sun's patch relies on Solaris-specific hooks. Is there a
> > > way to upgrade the PROM running Debian?
> > Actually, just unpack the patch, grab the executable that upgrades the
> > flash and netboot it. You don't need to run it under Solaris.
> 	Well, I tried and it is something like a script within a script within a 
> script; at least, that is what 111952-03 is. Tried to hack a bit into it, but 
> got no luck.
> 	It is not critical for this machine to have its PROM updated, although it 
> would certainly be nice to have all these bugs fixed. I suspect that one or 
> two that relate to the Davicom Ethernet driver may be upsetting Debian.

Oh, you have to run shar on that script to extract the executable.

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