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Re: procps doesn't buildd - /lib versus /lib64

> > I'll consider that a wishlist.  If someone gives me a patch,
> > if only to set the magical gcc flags to make a 64-bit libproc,
> > it will have more chance of becoming reality.
> The procps-3.2.0 code should build a 64-bit libproc
> if your gcc supports -m64 and you have a 64-bit
> ncurses library installed. The procps library then
> goes in /lib64 if you have it, or /lib otherwise.
> All of the above is BEYOND DISGUSTING of course;
> the Alpha port got this right many years ago.
> The a.out-to-ELF transition was done right too.
> Come on people: /usr/sparc32-linux/lib/*

This isn't a transition, this is a dual installed system. 64-bit and
32-bit on a sparc64 is both sane and practical. It's not an emulation or
a midway point.

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